About us

It is our purpose to create a culture that has love as its highest principle.

We live in a constantly growing community, at the moment made up of just over 20 grown-ups and 10 children.
Our daily practice is to align with love, embody its principles and bring it into action. Part of this is bringing consciousness to our thoughts, feelings and actions, as well as working on our individual and collective shadows.

Through this work we established a culture of mutual support and cooperation in which we help each other on our way to more consciousness and love.  

An essential part of our culture is a form of transparent communication. We share our deepest fears and highest bliss as well as the perceptions we have of each other. This creates a space in which the consequences of our actions consistently become visible and we can thus choose to take those actions that create the most constructivity and love.

We are constantly searching for advanced and loving perspectives that benefit all of us in order to align our decisions and actions with them. The more one person is able to bring those perspectives into life, the more that person is part of leading and setting the course of our community.

We consider ourselves in service of a much bigger social movement. We are in cooperation and exchange with many organizations, communities and people who are also part of this movement. We are constantly looking for new connections to expand a network where we learn from each other, support one another and co-create our future.

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Are you interested in exchange and cooperation? Please contact us at kontakt@goandchange.de.